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Check out all of Jen's Products at THE LUCKY FROG BAR AND GRILL in McCausland, IA!!  We will also be at the McCausland Labor Day Craft Show!

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Did you know?  Soy beans are grown by area farmers and at Lazy River Soy we buy our soy wax right here in Iowa!  The wax is then made into candles, tealights, and tarts at our home.  Lazy River also offers soy soaps, soy lotion and lip balm.  We guarantee you will enjoy these products with their wonderful fragrances and all the benefits of soy. 


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Jen’s Tips on Soy:

  • Always trim your Soy Candle Wicks to an 1/8th of an inch (about half the length you would usually think of).

  • Burn you candle for at least an hour the first time to get the longest life out of it.

  • Trim the wick after each use; especially when the wick mushrooms (spreads out at the top).

  • Some people say that soy candles give off soot just like regular candles. LazyRiver uses all cotton wicks, and when trimmed properly the wicks should give off very little soot. 

  • Soy candles are non-toxic and therefore even if the wick gives off soot like regular candle wicks the real danger is the V.O.C.’s given off by the chemicals in the wax.  This makes soy a better choice for your home and office!

Natural, Non-toxic, Biodegradable Wax!